What is Language?  What is Speech?  Learn the difference between language and speech

Speech and Language Milestones  From ages 2 through 6 years

Communication Development: Kindergarten-Fifth Grade  What to expect from children in elementary school

Late Blooming or Language Problem?  Learn the difference between a language delay and a language problem.

Promoting Language Developement  What you can do to help with your child’s language developement

Reading and Writing (Literacy)  Discover the importance of reading and writing development.

Social Language Use (Pragmatics)  Learn about the impact of social communication and interaction.

Vocal Health  Find out how to properly take care of your voice.

Getting the Most Out of Speech Therapy  How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Speech Therapy

Understanding Apraxia  Characteristics of Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Developmental Phonological Disorders  Find out more about these disorders

Finding a Voice: Perspectives on Language Acquisition