Speech and Language Milestones

By the age of 2 years your child should:

  • Be able to name a number of common objects
  • Combine 2 words: more milk, want toy, etc.
  • Have a vocabulary of 150-300 words
  • Respond to commands such as “show me your eyes (nose, mouth, hair)

By the age of 3 years your child should:

  • Use pronouns I, you, and me correctly
  • Know at least 3 prepositions, usually in, on and under
  • Know chief body parts a
  • Handles 3 word sentences easily
  • Has approx. 1000 word vocabulary
  • About 90% of what they say should be intelligible
  • Understands most simple questions
  • Should be able to give their gender, name, and age

By the age of 4 years your child should:

  • Know names of familiar animals
  • Be able to use at least four prepositions or can demonstrate his understanding of their meaning when
  • given commands
  • Know two or more colors
  • Usually be able to repeat words of four syllables
  • Use extensive verbalization as he carries out activities
  • Understand such concepts as longer, larger, when a contrast is presented

By the age of 5 years your child should:

  • Use many descriptive words
  • Know common opposites: big-little, hard-soft
  • Have a number concepts of 4 or more
  • Be able to count to ten
  • Have completely intelligible speech
  • Be able to repeat sentences as long as nine words
  • Be able to define common objects in terms of use (hat, shoe, chair)
  • Be able to follow three commands
  • Have simple time concepts:  morning, afternoon, night, day, later, after, tomorrow, etc.
  • Have speech that is grammatically correct

By the age of 6 years your child should:

  • Have speech that is completely intelligible and socially useful
  • be able to tell listener a connected story about a picture, seeing relationships between objects and happenings