All About Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy | October 23, 2017

Exercise - Therapies of the RockiesIf your physician has recently recommended participating in physical therapy, you might be wondering, “What physical therapy do I need to do?” You may also be wondering what exactly physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, entails and how it can help you. That all of course depends on what type of injury is being treated and what your doctor or a licensed physical therapist recommends.

So, What Is Physical Therapy?

In simple terms, physical therapy is the practice of improving mobility and flexibility while providing pain relief through a variety of exercises and other treatments. These exercises help patients regain the strength to do everything from basic tasks, like climbing stairs and getting in and out of chairs, to more advanced movements, like running and playing sports.

Physical therapy can be done at a hospital, nursing home, patient’s home or an outpatient clinic. Recent research has shown certain ailments, like immobilizing back pain, are best treated with planned movements and exercises rather than rest. continue reading..

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy | September 13, 2017

Physical therapy encompasses a wide range of treatments designed to improve a person’s mobility and decrease pain. The end-goal of any therapy treatment is to make daily activities easier or increase physical fitness. Physical therapy is often recommended as part of a surgery recovery plan, but some doctors might suggest it for long-term health issues such as arthritis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The type of therapy received varies depending on the needs of the patient. continue reading..