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Skill Breakdown of Pipe Cleaner Spider Activity

Skill Breakdown of Pipe Cleaner Spider Activity

We are gearing up for Halloween here at our clinic. We find that making crafts is a wonderful tool for boosting speech and fine motor skills. For this craft, you will need a colander, pipe cleaners, and something to make eyes with. Did you know that spiders can have...

Skill Breakdown of Car Wash Activity

Skill Breakdown of Car Wash Activity

Who says cleaning can’t be exciting?! In this post you will learn how to support your child’s language, motor, and sensory development by using toy cars, shaving cream, a bucket/bowl of water, and a towel. It’s time to take our cars to the wash! Please grab out a...

Skill Breakdown of Pretend Soup Activity

Skill Breakdown of Pretend Soup Activity

Soup season is upon us! To set up this fall activity you will need a bowl, cooking pot, soup spoon, aluminum foil, and small plastic toys. First, we wrapped up play food items and small toys and set them in a mixing bowl. We then took turns scooping items out of...

News, Current Events, and More

Welcome to the therapy blog of Therapies of the Rockies Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapies in Denver, CO, and beyond! We’re excited to share important information with you here, as well as ring in on current events, new finds in our field, and much more. Browse our posts to delve a little deeper into the world of speech and physical therapy, and learn about some of the interesting things currently taking place in the field. Be sure to check back frequently to see what we’ve added. We’ll be updating this page on a regular basis with plenty of new information.

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