Is your child a picky eater? Do they often refuse to try new foods? Did you know that the language we use around introducing new foods shapes the way our children anticipate and perceive new food? It does, a whole lot! If you find yourself using words or phrases like “it’s good/bad”, “you don’t like it?”or “it’s nasty”, those words will negatively affect your childs perspective of foods and can lead to refusal behaviors (e.g., throwing tantrums when presenting new foods, refusing to try anything new, spitting out food). Instead, try to use descriptive language such as, “does it have a big/little taste or smell?”or “that is crunchy, soft or chewy”. This will shift the mindset of foods being “bad” or “good”, while giving your child more language and opportunities to identify why he/she may be hesitant to try new foods!

Therapies of the Rockies is proud to offer a Sensory-Based feeding group with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist, who use evidenced based approach to sensory and feeding. In the group, we use a play and sensory-based approach to decreasing fear and avoidant behaviors around mealtime. Studies suggest that group based therapy is the best treatment for picky eaters. Trying new things with their peers increases motivation and adventurous behaviors. If you are interested, please reach out to